Ray Wentz
My Story
I was born in Kansas in the early 1940s. I grew up on a small family farm along with two sisters and four brothers. All our friends and neighbors, everyone I knew then was living the same rural lifestyle, independent farmers and ranchers living close to nature.

We prospered by hard work and personal endeavors, enduring the whims of chance and nature, and depending greatly on the grace and mercy of God. Through good times and bad, the love of personal Freedom burned brightly in our hearts.

My early history shaped and molded my worldview, my perception of right and wrong, how things ought to be, and what a person should do and strive to become. At that time a simple handshake was an ironclad contract, a man's word was his bond, and a reputation of honesty and integrity was necessary to gain friendship or respect.

I think Doctor Ron Paul says it best...our goal should be to strive for excellence and virtue, rather than for fortune or fame. And the Bible teaches us to store up treasure in heaven, the only place it is safe from theft or decay. Perhaps we will only fully understand that on our very last day of this life.

There is a saying that "change itself is the only constant in this world". The first major change in my life was caused by the insidious growth of Big Government. The small family farm as a way of life was gradually pushed to extinction. This was done by the government using the two tools of control, the "carrot" and the "stick". The "carrot" in the form of government subsidies and the "stick" in the form of strangling bureaucratic regulations. That change in our way of life was helped along by the steady erosion of the value of the Dollar. The destruction of the Dollar is continuing to this very day.

Then came the 1950s. In order to support his family, Dad was forced to give up his independence. He entered the "corporate rat race", took a job in town, and sold his time and talents for an hourly wage. His small farm was relegated to a "hobby status" instead of being a lifestyle or the main source of creating a livable income. Eventually Mom would have to take a job also, just to make ends meet.

I graduated high school in 1960. At that time having a college degree was not as desirable or as necessary as it seemingly is today. So, choosing to not go to college, I too worked a job and then served my tour of military duty in the U.S. Air Force as a jet engine technition.

I got married in 1965 and started a family of my own. We raised two sons and two daughters, which I regard as being my crowning achievement. They fill my life with love, laughter, and a deep sense of fulfillment. Along with the pride I feel in their own individual accomplishments.

As they say, life goes on ... I continued , going from one job to the next and surviving from one weekly paycheck to the next. It seemed I was on a treadmill, forever struggling to earn more dollars, only to find that the increased number of dollars would buy less goods than I had been able to buy before. No wonder it is called a rat race!

But my initial worldview of how things should be and what a person should strive to become continually filled my thoughts and desires. My love for personal Freedom still burned brightly, and the quest for Freedom continued to motivate me.

I became interested in Marketing as a way to create my own self supporting lifestyle back in the 1980's. My dream was, and still is, to maintain a sufficient income to support myself and my family without depending on a job, any company or government, or anything other than my own talents, efforts, and abilities. The one caveat being that I recognize my talents, efforts, and abilities come to me as a gift from my Creator.

In the beginning my marketing business took the form of direct-mail campaigns and magazine & newspaper ads. Over time I learned much about how and where to advertise, about human nature and what motivates people to make the decisions they do.

About the turn of the century it seemed that the majority of my niche of business was migrating to the internet. So I obtained a computer and connected to the internet. The shock was almost like being dropped into a pool of icy water! I found myself immersed in a whole new learning experience...a world that seemed to exist in a different dimension of time and space.

My journey began with my not knowing even how to turn on a computer and has progressed to being able to communicate with people worldwide, the use of different types of software, and finally to creating this very website from a totally blank page.

Conventional wisdom advises that in order to be successful in any endeavor online you must have your own web site, one that you totally own and control. This fits in with my philosophy of independence and responsibility, and also provides a sort of "home" ... my own little piece of property in the vast world of cyberspace.

Although some have been successful using strictly the internet for marketing, I find that using direct mail is still a very good way to operate my business. Perhaps using a combination of the two gives you the best of both worlds.

My ultimate goal is not to be rich or famous, but to strive for excellence and virtue, including honesty, compassion, humility, and a lively sense of humor. And to offer a helping hand to the people I meet along the way.

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