Choose To Be Free

Being in the marketing industry allows me to make my own money and go my own way, for the most part. This enables me to practice and enjoy personal Freedom.

I sometimes use Direct Mail advertising to promote my business. That means mailing a physical letter to contact my prospects. This will normally consist of a 1-page flyer plus a cover letter. Some say that direct mail is dead since the advent of the internet, but that could not be further from the truth.

I find direct mail to be easier to learn, as well as giving a much higher response rate than internet advertising. I typically expect 1 response per 100 contacts from direct mail as compared to 1 response per 10,000 from the internet. Although it does cost much more per contact when sending a letter through the mail.

Internet Marketing

Can you make money online? Yes, you definitely can make money there.. But BEWARE! You can lose money there too. Sometimes I think the term to best describe the effects of the internet is "information overload". You are constantly bombarded with banners, text ads, pop-ups, videos, forwarding links, emails, and more. Millions of web sites are clamoring for your attention.

The internet provides a huge array of possibile ways for you to make money. You can set up a business to buy and resell products for profit. You can create digital products such as reports and ebooks to sell. There are affiliate programs where you can promote digital products someone else has created and receieve part of the profit. You can join a network marketing program, build a team of associates, and be paid commissions on the profits generated by your entire team. These are just a few examples.

Pitfalls to Avoid

Do not be fooled by claims of "potential" earnings. The dictionary defines potential as: possible but not yet actual. A simple example is, "If you buy a lottery ticket you have the potential of winning 10 Million Dollars." You may win but there can be 10 million chances that you lose versus only 1 chance that you win.

A persuasive promoter or a "guru" may convince you that if you simply advertise his ebook or web page using his "system", thousands of people will line up to give you their money. He will show you the "potential" of you contacting several million prospects, and if only 1 in a hundred of those buy the product, then you collect huge amounts of money every day even while you sleep! He makes it sound as if there is no doubt it will happen. is only the potential, not a solid fact!

Action is the Key to Success

Your reality is determined by fundamental laws of nature, one of which is "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction". Your receiving money is a reaction caused by an action that you had already taken. Except for beggers and thieves, the only action that will produce money is to provide some type of a product or a service in exchange for the money that you want. Even if you work at a regular job, the paycheck you receive is in exchange for the service that you provide for your employer.

If you choose to make money by marketing you MUST advertise to be successful. No one can buy from you until they are aware that you have something they want. Advertising is more of an art than a science. You can study to learn the basics but then you need to practice and improve your abilities, just as a basketball player must practice shooting hoops to improve his game.

You can hire a pro to conduct your advertising but this is expensive. The better he is at his trade, the more he will charge to work for you. A more suitable option for most folks is to become a friend or associate of someone who is proficient at advertising who will help and teach you. In most cases you will need to join their affiliate program or become a member with them in a networking company so that they are rewarded for helping you become successful.

Where do you start?

If you are already promoting something and you are confident that you can earn money with it, just continue to do more advertising. Remember the natural law. If you persistently keep taking action, you WILL cause a reaction!

There are certain "tools of the trade" that all successful internet marketers use. These include:

 A.) a reliable auto responder so you can build your list of interested prospects and do follow-up email marketing.

 B.) special attention-grabbing web pages called Squeeze Pages so you can attract prospects and capture their contact details in your autoresponder.

 C.) a link tracker so you can track the results of all your various advertising to determine which ads are profitable and which are not.

 D.) a URL rotator so you can send prospects to different web pages using only one single link in your ad. Or to change to a different web page after your ad has already been published.

 E.) your personal web site so you can control and change all the details and content, and to create your more professional online image.

For questions and comments or to get details about web tools & software, use the "Contact Me" link above.